Writer. Producer.

Video + Animation + Television + Editorial

Storytelling for print, web & screen. 

Wow…what’s out there?! I’m someone who’s endlessly curious and naturally creative. 

Words and pictures have always been my thing. 

I’ve spent my career telling stories with them. Mostly as a journalist, delving into the detail of vast universes like science, technology and world economics. 

Film and TV add a whole new visual dimension to storytelling that I totally love.  Pictures can tell the story, sometimes without words, in such stunning ways. 

This site is a brief taster of the kind of work I do as a writer and producer to help people tell their stories.

Vicky Masterson

Creating content to tell your story

I’ve made short films for digital channel, BBC The Social, produced more than 100 videos for UK film and events company Speakeasy and worked in TV development.

My experience is mostly in 2D animation. This involves working with animators and clients, writing scripts and developing storyboards. I’ve also written lots of winning tenders.

I’m a journalist by background and excel at turning complex topics into plain English. Specialisms include technology, business, climate and health.